This blade was a gift to him, before he deployed. The picture is a facetime of him opening the razor, so they could share the moment, despite being on other sides of the country.

What she said:

My boyfriend is going on his first deployment since we have been together and coming up on his 30th birthday. I figured he needed something to keep that handsome mug of his smooth so I had a custom razor made for him. Not knowing the first thing about straight razors Christopher walked me through everything I needed to know and helped me choose what would work best. I drew up a scene I wanted to be etched on the side and it came out perfectly. After nearly 3 long months of waiting and trying to keep the secret (which I’m terrible at when it comes to him), Christopher was able to finish it and overnight it to him so I could watch him open it the night before he left! I look forward to seeing it in person in six months