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Get a Custom Razor

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I design and make straight razors in honor of traditional razor smithing. Each blade is crafted for your every day shave, and to be enjoyed for generations.

Custom Straight Razor Forging-3
Custom Straight Razor Forging-3
Custom Straight Razor Forging-3


A small selection of blades that I’ve completed recently. There are many razors leaving the shop every week, and I’m eager to hear your ideas for a new piece, or recreating a past piece for you.

You can view more examples in my journal, or my longer portfolio page here.

I made this custom western razor with craggy and hewn textures and colors. By the end of the craft, the razor turned into one of the most unique examples of forged straight razors with one of a kind personality and a smooth shave that's unforgetable.

“Shadowcrag” 15/16ths Wedge Grind in Chisel Ground Carbon Fiber Scales – Custom Straight Razor

March 17, 2017

A recent interpretation of an 1800’s classic Sheffield design, often called the “For Barber’s Use”. A name given to the largest blades made by the English razor makers, affectionately known as choppers. Keen shaver, nice grind, and a beautiful junction between polished steel, ox horn, and a subtle engraving as a reminder of those who mean the most to us.

“ShaveSmith’s For Barber’s Use” 8/8 + Sheffield Classic In Ox Horn – Custom Straight Razor

February 15, 2017

A monster of a blade, with notes of “crude” grindwork to increase the texture of the steel and match the grind lines of the yuri-zu finish. Snakewood adds patterns that echo the spinework, tying the steel to the scales. Gerald wanted me to throw most all my features at this blade, and we ended up with a one of a kind beast shaver.

Gerald’s Razor – 12/8, Snakewood, Crude Grind, Yuri-zu Finish – Custom Straight Razor

January 15, 2017

A simple, yet strong family name razor. 

HAIN, deeply engraved in the blade face on the razor’s presentation side, with a seaview engraving in the other side. 

Build to be a nimble shaver, but stout to outlive us all. All cocobolo, rounded profile, and forged steel work together to make this simple piece feel visually fulfilling.

“HAIN” 7/8 Wedge Grind, Cocobolo, Engraved Forge Finish – Custom Straight Razor

December 15, 2016

Only two materials are featured in this set: steel, maple. 

I’ve developed this set of razors merging the tradition of seven day straight razors sets, but drew inspiration from japanese motifs, and the seven principles of Bushido. 

Each straight razor has one of the japanese symbols engraved at the heel, representing the following principles that samurai would call upon. 

The razors are then assigned unique places within the box, with matching marks engraved into the wood. 

The box itself is inspired by japanese toolboxes, using a unique locking mechanism for the lid that is a simple wood wedge.

武士道 (Bushido) – Seven Day Razor Set. Steel, Maple wood, Custom Straight Razor and Kamisori Set.

November 20, 2016

ShaveSmith Custom Straight Razor, with handforged san mai steel. Every razor is a collaboration between I and the customer.

Some razor designs spark out of the fire, and I feel like my hammer and I guide the design to the customer. These razors are born from a natural flow that I’ve come to love - steel bar to shaving.

Other blades require me to think differently about the aesthetics of a razor, challenge what I know and am familiar with, learn new techniques, and I wrestle these razors for many months.

I wrestled this razor for many work sessions.

The design comes from a sketch given to me by the customer. It’s distinctly European, using motifs and colors and variety that my work often doesn’t express. Ebony, fine silver, titanium, camel bone, and san mai steel.

About 75% of the way though the crafting of this piece, I feel it clicked. I saw what the customer was seeing, and I absolutely love what was born, and how it helped my craft grow.

Each side of this razor is a mirror of the other. Camel bone and ebony make for the substance of the scales, being delineated by fine silver. The liner of the razors is titanium. 

The steel is a san mai steel, using hitachi blue #2 for the core, and mild steel on the sides. 

The engravings are hand drawings given to me by the customer, and I translated them to the steel. 

Don quixote and Sancho ride on one side, with a san mai mountainscape background.

“de la Mancha” – San Mai, Mirrored Inlay Scales, Fine Silver – Custom Straight Razor

November 19, 2016

I made this custom kamisori for a customer who loved the video game Final Fantasy VII.

It was a gift a friend commissioned for his wedding, and was a unexpected surprise on his important day. 

After some very loose direction from the customer, the design started to point me to the razor you see. Many challenges presented itself conceptually for turning the buster sword into a straight razor - the tanto style tip, the large spine, and the centralized handle. 

I tried to keep the styling and engravings consistent with the rugged futurism I gleaned from the game’s artwork, and left the firescale from the heat treatment, as well as backing down the polish of the blade to a more “roughed’ looking hollow.

The pommel, leather wrap, and dropped spine were the main features of the blade, and engravings and holes tied it together as the buster sword.  

While this was a “design forward” straight razor, where it was mostly a ceremonial gift, I still challenged myself to make it highly functional. It strops really well, and the angle of bevel geometrically resides at a nice 16 degrees. It’s surprisingly a wonderful blade to strop and shave with. 

Straight razors have classic features that should be respected 99% of the time, and thrown out the window often. If it shaves great, can be sharpened easily, and turns heads, I’m proud to send it home. 

Hope to do another, and this was among my favorite creative pieces.

Buster Sword Razor – Drop Grind, Engravings Leather wrapped handle – Custom Kamisori Straight Razor

November 16, 2016

The frist set of razors triggering the ongoing tradition of "First Friday" at ShaveSmtih.

Capt. “Stiletto” 7/8 Wedge Grind, Canary Wood with Fine Silver – Custom Straight Razor

November 12, 2016

This razor holds a very special place in my portfolio, being the first razor to be adorned with onyx stone. The inlays into the tang are done with bezel settings in silver, and complement the dark motif throughout. A fine sivler inlay of my maker's mark is set into the end ebony. Damascus delivers pattern and variety to the steel, contrasting the forge finish at the shank. To round out the luxury motif, I hand fabricated silver washers and a silver wedge. What I really enjoy: despite the variety in in shape, materials and texture,  there's harmony in this piece. This was also among my most challenging razors to exicute, and I'm proud of how its adornment does not detract from the handling, and quality of the shave.

6/8 Wedge Grind, Damascus Custom Straight Razor with Fine Silver, Ebony, Onyx Stone – Custom Straight Razor

November 5, 2016

A hand forged custom kamisori razor with twisted handle.

6/8 Shoulderless Wedge Grind Kamisori, Forge Finish, Twisted Handle – Custom Straight Razor

October 1, 2016

A handmade custom straight razor with ancient bogwood handles, bronze scales, and egravings of galic and nordic origin.

7/8 Wedge Grind, Ancient Bog Wood, Forged Finish, Ancient Engravings – Custom Straight Razor

October 1, 2016

10/8 "For Barber's Use" Chopper. Wedge Grind, Ox Horn, Hand Forged Silver Washers, Sheffield Style  – Custom Straight Razor

10/8 “For Barber’s Use” Chopper. Wedge Grind, Ox Horn, Hand Forged Silver Washers, Sheffield Style – Custom Straight Razor

September 24, 2016

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Fitted Handles


I’ll craft a set of handles to perfectly fit your razor. Ideal for a vintage piece or heirloom that needs a refreshed look.

Hand Forged Kamisori


I’ll hand forged Japanese fixed handled razor just for you. Right-handed, left handed, curved handle, straight – your choice. Also, choose your grind – double hollow, or traditional Japanese.

If desired, you can choose an exotic steel for the blade, or a handle material to make your piece unique.

This handmade blade will arrive ready for your daily shave.

Kamisori Straight Razor - Shave Ready, curved handle

Classic Western


I’ll hand forge a western straight razor for you, and set it in fitted custom handles. Makes for finest daily shave, and is worth passing down generations.

I view a commissioned piece like this as a blank canvas. Custom blade materials, steel markings, handle choices – it’s the best choice for making a unique heirloom.

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