An Important Update

By December 24, 2015My Father

I’ve left my shop because my father has endured a very severe heart attack. It all started Sunday, and upon hearing I immediately stepped away from work and have been staying with him in the ICU.

This has hit me very hard, and I apologize for losing contact with customers and orders over the last week. I intend to stay alongside my dad, and will be touching base with everyone as I can.

My dad is an accomplished craftsman, knifemaker, and much the reason why I do what I do. Please keep him in your thoughts, and spend a little extra time with your loved ones this holiday.



A quick note:

Looking back to the moments leading to this is quite hard. My dad and I didn’t really get together in the last 6 months because his contracting skills were in high demand, and my time wasn’t matching up. Though, we had lots of phone calls and checking in, which made it a bit easier not seeing each other.

We finally carved out a Saturday, the day before his heart attack, and spent an afternoon talking shop. We made plans to do some forging and grinding together when his schedule slowed in Jan/Feb.

It’s really hard seeing my dad, a pretty healthy guy, go through this.

I went through some of my shop photos, and found these from 2014 when we met up to do a few forgings together, and he was working on a dagger.