Traditional Kamisoris With Japanese Origin Steel

By December 18, 2014In the workshop, Kamisori

Some exciting new steel in the shop – Aogami #2 blue steel.

I’ll be making a special edition run of traditional kamisoris, and hope to post photos of the forgings very soon.

This specially formulated steel comes from pure sand irons in Japan, at Hitachi’s Yasugi plant in the Shimane Prefecture.

This Blue steel is also called Aogami #2, or super blue paper #2 since the steel is wrapped in blue paper when it’s sent to blacksmiths.

This steel is rarely used in the U.S.A due to availability (a limited supply entered the borders a few months ago). Very happy to get some.

Features a high carbon content at 1.10 ~1.20 C, with 0.20 ~0.50 Chromium and 1.00 ~1.50 Tungsten. Known to outperform other Japanese steels like Shirogami ( White Steel) through edge durability and sharpness.

Looking forward to making a small batch of these blades, and test the lore of this steel myself.

Hitachi Blue #2 Super Steel Kamisori