Thank you, to all my customers, friends.

By February 6, 2016Uncategorized

My dad has passed away.

Everyone has been an incredible support to him, me, and my family.

To my customers who has had their project slow down, orders shipped late, who reached out, related, sent stories and support, who understood all that this has done to me and my work – thank you.

Your compassion helped me keep my shop around, keep good steel shipping out, and helped me honor my dad in the best way I know how. But most of all, you gave me time with my dad when I wasn’t sure how much I would have.

This is a gift that I can never repay, but will be sure to honor it as best I can.

In spirit, my dad is now in the workshop with me all the time, and we have a lot of work to do, and we can’t wait to do it.

Your friends,

-Christopher & Braden