Buster Sword Razor – Drop Grind, Engravings Leather wrapped handle – Custom Kamisori Straight Razor

November 16, 2016

6/8 Shoulderless Wedge Grind Kamisori, Forge Finish, Twisted Handle – Custom Straight Razor

October 1, 2016

6/8 Wedge Grind Kamisori , San Mai of Blue Paper Steel, Forge Finish - Custom Straight Razor

6/8 Wedge Grind Kamisori , San Mai of Blue Paper Steel, Forge Finish – Custom Straight Razor

August 27, 2016

A custom straight razor made with custom engravings, dropped spine (swedge), cast pommel, Leather, and Yūrei-zu steel finish.

“Witcher” Inspired Straight Razor With Custom Engravings, Yūrei-zu Finish

September 29, 2015

Kamisori Straight Razor with Yūrei-zu Finish-8

Kamisori Straight Razor With Yūrei-zu Blade Finish

September 7, 2015

Kamisori Straight Razor - Shave Ready, curved handle

Kamisori Straight Razor With Leather Wrap, Curved Handle

September 6, 2015

Kamisori Straight Razor - Shave Ready

Kamisori Straight Razor With Leather Wrap, Straight Handle

September 6, 2015

Gold Kamisori Custom Straight Razor

Brazen Gold Custom Kamisori Straight Razor

August 9, 2015

Rituels Kamisori Wholesale Custom Straight Razor

Rituels Custom Kamisori Straight Razor

April 16, 2015

Ni-Mai kamisori with Blue #2 steel-1

Traditional Ni-Mai Kamisori

March 15, 2015

Custom Straight Razor Weekend Set With Stand-1-4

Weekend Set: Forged Kamisori, Western Folder – Custom Made Straight Razors

March 13, 2015

Blacksmith Kamisori

February 23, 2015

Halberdier Kamisori

February 8, 2015

Traditional Kamisori

November 26, 2014

Custom Kamisori Weekend Set – Left & Right

November 16, 2014

Kamisori with Mastodon Fossil Handle

Custom Kamisori with Mastodon Fossil

November 16, 2014

Custom Kamisori with Fuller

November 16, 2014

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Fitted Handles


I’ll craft a set of handles to perfectly fit your razor. Ideal for a vintage piece or heirloom that needs a refreshed look.

Hand Forged Kamisori


I’ll hand forged Japanese fixed handled razor just for you. Right-handed, left handed, curved handle, straight – your choice. Also, choose your grind – double hollow, or traditional Japanese.

If desired, you can choose an exotic steel for the blade, or a handle material to make your piece unique.

This handmade blade will arrive ready for your daily shave.

Hand Forged Western


I’ll hand forge a western straight razor for you, and set it in fitted custom handles. Makes for finest daily shave, and is worth passing down generations.

I view a commissioned piece like this as a blank canvas. Custom blade materials, steel markings, handle choices – it’s the best choice for making a unique heirloom.

Custom Forged Straight Razor ShaveSmith


I craft the razor and send it to your home.