Ni-Mai Custom Kamisori

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To make this kamisori, I forged two different steels together. The light part is low carbon steel, and the dark part is hitachi blue #2 high carbon japanese steel.

This razor is fresh off the rough grinding stage, and ready for heat treatment.

UPDATE: View the completed piece here

Custom Kamisori Straight Razor

Some Custom Straight Razors Starting to take shape

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A nice group of custom straight razors ready for heat treated tomorrow.

Two custom kamisori razors, one double hollow, one traditional, and three western folding straight razors of both wedge and sheffield style hollow grinds.

These are roughly ground blades, and this is but the first step after forging the pieces. Many more steps to come after the steel is precisely hardened. Finish grinding, polishing, handles…

Still, this is one of the most exciting moments, as the character of the blades really starts to show.

Traditional Kamisoris With Japanese Origin Steel

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Some exciting new steel in the shop – Aogami #2 blue steel.

I’ll be making a special edition run of traditional kamisoris, and hope to post photos of the forgings very soon.

This specially formulated steel comes from pure sand irons in Japan, at Hitachi’s Yasugi plant in the Shimane Prefecture.

This Blue steel is also called Aogami #2, or super blue paper #2 since the steel is wrapped in blue paper when it’s sent to blacksmiths.

This steel is rarely used in the U.S.A due to availability (a limited supply entered the borders a few months ago). Very happy to get some.

Features a high carbon content at 1.10 ~1.20 C, with 0.20 ~0.50 Chromium and 1.00 ~1.50 Tungsten. Known to outperform other Japanese steels like Shirogami ( White Steel) through edge durability and sharpness.

Looking forward to making a small batch of these blades, and test the lore of this steel myself.

Hitachi Blue #2 Super Steel Kamisori

Winter Forging A Kamisori Straight Razor

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At the forge today, with temperatures at -1.3 according to the nearby university.

When I put the hot steel to the anvil, the cold surface draws the heat away almost instantly. So I warm the anvil between hammerings, using a large hot piece of steel. This keeps the metal moving.