Back to Full Time

By January 29, 2016Uncategorized
I’ve been slowly getting back to full days in the workshop, and I greatly appreciate everyone’s understanding as I spend time with my father and family as he goes through his sickness, and as I resume my normal work schedule.
For folks with current blades in my queue: If you’d like to check in on a blade you’ve commissioned, talk about about progress, and see where everything is at, I’m happy to share what’s going on. I often slow a bit around christmas, and having this event take me out of the workshop soon after the holiday created quite the delay, and I’m very sorry. I should be back on track shortly.
Being able to do this work is one of my greatest joys, and sharing many of the skills my father passed down to me gives great meaning to what he’s currently enduring.
And above all else, I’ll alway take care of you and our project, so don’t hesitate to check in with me, as I’m here to help.