An update on the shop and my dad:

By December 30, 2015My Father

Since the 20th I’ve been out of the workshop because my dad endured a very severe heart attack. During this time, I’ve been with him at the ICU.

Today, I’ll be traveling back in the workshop, and resume work under a 1/2 day schedule for the next week, perhaps a bit longer. This lets me have time to visit my dad and family, but start all the razors and orders that I’ve been looking forward to since leaving.

My dad is responsible for my skills and craftsmanship within ShaveSmith, so it has been difficult returning to the workshop because of it reminds me of what he’s going through. But today I start work, and appreciate your understanding though all this.

The countless well wishes sent to me and my family give us strength and encouragement for his recovery.

My dad is in the absolute best care possible, and I can’t thank the medical team enough for their efforts. It’s becoming obvious that his recovery is not linear, but the sum of small progress and setbacks.

Thank you for your support and understanding, I’m looking forward to honing up some blades today.